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Copper Lagan

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  • Brand: Metal Kraft
  • Color: Copper
  • Size: 12" to 24"

on similar lines, when it comes to shallow cooking, nothing is perfect to prepare veg/non veg dishes like mutton, biryani and lentils (kaali daal or black eyed beans) than copper lagan. The thick bottom of lagan which is tin plated inside ensures that when any such dish is cooked with a simmering heat, it delivers the truly indian mughlai taste. These cooking pots are a must for veg/non veg lovers.

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  • Item Code: MK-412

Copper Handi

To cook dishes like Daal, Biryani, Chicken & Mutton to perfection, one requires thick bottom Patili's which are also termed as Degchi's or Handi's. As the mouth of Handi is small compared to it's stomach, so while cooking the contents on a simmering heat, it ensures that the flavour remains intact in the cooking vessel. We manufacture such Handi's in variable sizes to suit the different cooking needs. The inside is tin plated which helps protects food from loosing its taste.

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  • Item Code: MK-413

Copper Sipri

When it comes to cooking Mughlai Foods like Biryani's, Mutton & Chicken Curries, Kaali Daal, nothing comes close to Copper Cooking Pots. We make Handmade & Handbeaten Sipri in different sizes to suit different cooking needs. The inner surface is tin plated to prevent food contamination.
The thick bottom allows to cook food at simmering heat, while enclosed boundaries ensure that the food aroma gets locked within the cooking pot, thus making the prepared food piping hot & delicious.

Size: 20"(dia) x 9" (Ht)

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MK-414

Copper Deghra for Biryani

Copper Cooking Pots are best for preparing Mughlai/Hyderabadi Biryani as the Copper Deghra besides having its food preparation friendly properties have a broad bottom, have tin plated inner surface, a narrow top which helps in retaining & locking the flavour of Biryani. They are available in different sizes & can be customized to one's requirement.
When it comes to non veg cooking or even veg, be the dish is lentils (kaali daali/sabut urad daal/black eyed peas) mutton, chicken, rogan josh or biryani, nothing comes as good as copper deghra. The very traditional indian way of cooking & serving daal, hot curries & non veg dishes comes only through this copper hot pot. These vessels are made out of thick guage which are tin plated from inside & when the daal/meat is cooked on simmering heat, it ensures the richness of flavour & authentic Indian Mughlai taste. They are handmade & can be customized to any size.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MK-421

Copper Frypan Hammered

To render rich taste to the Indian Dishes, we offer high quality heavy base Copper Frypans in hammered finish. The inside of pan is tin plated & outside is bright copper hammered finish with the brass handle. The sizes available
Frypan 10.5" x 2"(dia x ht)
Frypan 12" x 2.25"(dia x ht)
Apart from Cooking, lot many restaurants buy them as props for creating Typical Dhaba Style Indian Theme to the decor. 

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MK-422

Copper Hammered Jalebi Karahi

We offer Pure Copper Jalebi Karahi with thick bottom which is used for live cooking, dispaly & serving. Looks fantastic specfically when the ambience of work area is Copperish & buffet display is in copper.
We offer them in 16" to 24" sizes, depending on one's requirement. The inside is tin plated which makes it food safe.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MK-425
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